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Checkoff Colorado – Colorado For Healthy Landscapes

The Colorado for Healthy Landscapes Fund, created in 2012, is aimed at educating the public across the entire state about the importance of managing invasive species, including noxious weeds and plants, in order to keep our landscapes healthy and thriving.

In order to do so, Colorado for Healthy Landscapes depends on donations from individuals and organizations through the Checkoff Colorado Program. These donations are vital to inform on the impact that invasive species and noxious weeds have on everyone in our state, whether living in a rural or urban area, and to show Coloradoans what the cost of doing nothing might be.

Donations made to Colorado for Healthy Landscapes go toward a variety of programs aimed at accomplishing our mission. These programs include weed removal programs, healthy landscape educational days, pollinator gardens and healthy lands days. To learn more about these programs please visit the Stewardship and Education page of this website.

To make your charitable donation to Colorado for Healthy Landscapes. Please click one of the two buttons below to download forms to be submitted while completing your 2017 Individual Income Tax Returns. The first button will lead you to a form to be downloaded from the Checkoff Colorado website and to be turned into your accountant. The second button will lead you to a form from the Department of Revenue Site to be filed with your Individual Income Taxes if you are e-fliling. On the Department of Revenue form you can find Colorado for Healthy Landscapes on line 9. We hope you will help support the work we are doing to keep Colorado colorful.


Download the DOR Voluntary Contributions Form