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Stewardship & Education

Colorado for Healthy Landscapes is committed to protecting ecosystems that sustain natural processes and respond to changing ecological conditions. By investing in the resilience and adaptability of our ecosystems, C4HL projects are impacting ecological health on a landscape-scale.

Stewardship Programs

Agencies, and individuals across the state are implementing projects to repair or protect specific elements of our native ecosystems. By investing in landscape adaptability, C4HL is building a broad foundation for landscape health and future stewardship efforts.

Biodiversity is critical to sustaining healthy ecological processes and creating landscapes that are resilient to ecological threats. With invasive species posing a direct threat to biodiversity in our native ecosystems, invasive species management is a keystone in CHL’s restoration and education efforts. These efforts leverage funding to achieve landscape-scale impacts and promote biodiversity, resilience and adaptability in our native ecosystems.

Using invasive species management as a first step toward broader ecological health, C4HL projects are impacting the current and future health of our native ecosystems.

With funding from Checkoff Colorado, C4HL is supporting riparian and wildfire restoration efforts, pollinator habitat projects, collaborative landscape education programs, and local stewardship infrastructures.


Through partnerships and project development, C4HL members are utilizing university research and real-world applications to create accessible land management solutions for Coloradans.

Partnering with the Colorado Weed Management Association, C4HL-sponsored training is providing professionals with the latest university research and field-tested restoration strategies. These regional trainings are structured to put citizens in touch with their local land management professionals and inform healthy interactions with their native ecosystems